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Election Results: Dalton McGuinty of the Liberal Party has been re-elected as Premier of Ontario. The Liberals have won a minority government.

Nomination Deadline: September 15, 2011
Provincial Election: October 6, 2011

Currently, the Premier of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty of the Liberal Party.

In 2010, child care moved to the Ministry of Education and is currently part of an Early Years Division with Kindergarten. Ontario has universal kindergarten for four-year-olds called Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten for five-year-olds.

Party platforms

Progressive Conservative Party
Leader: Tim Hudak
Platform: "Changebook"
"...we will make [full-day kindergarten] fully operational for all four and five year olds in Ontario by 2014."
"We will increase spending on K-12 education by $2 billion by the end of our first term."
>>See pp. 20-21 of PDF

Liberal Party
Leader: Dalton McGuinty
Platform: "The Ontario Liberal Plan 2011-2015"
"We'll make sure any family that wants their child to attend full-day kindergarten will be able to do so by 2014."
"Once full-day kindergarten is fully in place, we'll make sure all schools offer after-school programs for children aged 6-12."
>>See pp. 17-19 of PDF

New Democratic Party
Leader: Andrea Horwath
Platform: "The Plan for Affordable Change"
"The New Democrat plan would provide licensed child care centres with $125 million in each of the next two years to keep spaces open and freeze fees."
"New Democrats are committed to moving ahead with full day kindergarten, but we won't let parents who need child care spaces fall through the cracks"
>>See New Democrats would freeze child care fees, keep spaces open

Green Party
Leader: Mike Shreiner
Platform: "It's Time"

Communist Party of Canada
Leader: Elizabeth Rowley
Platform: "A People's Agenda for Ontario"
"Fund one universal, quality, public, secular school system, open to all"
"Deliver a needs-based funding formula"
"Expand Early Learning to every school"
"Build an accessible, affordable, quality, public childcare system"
"Implement $7 per day / per child fees"

NGO positions and campaign materials

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Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 28 Sep 2011