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Election Results: Greg Selinger of the New Democratic Party has been re-elected as Premier of Manitoba. The New Democrats have won a majority government.

Nomination Deadline: September 13, 2011
Provincial Election: October 4, 2011

Currently, the Premier of Manitoba is Greg Selinger of the New Democratic Party.

In Manitoba, kindergarten and child care are in separate ministries. Kindergarten is under Manitoba Education, and child care is under Manitoba Family Services and Consume Affairs. Kindergarten is a part-day program for all five year olds and is not mandatory to attend.

Party platforms

Progressive Conservative Party
Leader: Hugh McFayden
Platform: "Our Plan"

Liberal Party
Leader: Jon Gerrard
Platform: "Our Platform"
"Create more day care spaces and improve early childhood education"

New Democratic Party
Leader: Greg Selinger
Platform: "Our Plan"
"Implementing Canada's first province-wide online child care registry;"
"Creating 6,500 new child care spaces and 1,000 enhanced nursery spaces by 2013"
"Investing in early childhood, play-based curriculum"
>>See Quality Child Care

Green Party
Leader: James Beddome
Platform: 2011 Green Party Platform

Communist Party of Canada

Leader: Darrell Rankin
Platform: "The Communist Platform"
"End child hunger and poverty... Raise social assistance to above the poverty line."

NGO positions and campaign materials

The MTS Provincial Election Handbook
The Manitoba Teacher's Society, Sep 2011
>>see pages 25-26 for Potential Questions for Candidates

MCCA Provincial Election Newsletters
Manitoba Child Care Association, Sep 2011

Answers from the PC Party

The Manitoba School Board Society, 29 Aug, 2011

Answers from the Liberal Party
The Manitoba School Board Society, Aug 2011

Questions to Leaders

The Manitoba School Board Society, Aug 2011

News articles

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Winnipeg Free Press, 3 Oct 2011

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CBC News, 21 Sep 2011

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CBC News, 19 Sep 2011

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CBC News, 16 Sep 2011

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The Canadian Press, 11 Sep 2011

Gerrard vows $44.5M over five years for more daycare spaces; NDP jeers
The Winnipeg Press, 10 Sep 2011

Party leaders pledge millions for health & child care
Global News, 1 Sep 2011

Conservatives promise extended child-care benefit
Winnipeg Free Press, 1 Sep 2011


Wed, 09/21/2011