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Note: The following excerpts from the regulations are for reference purposes only. For the most current official version of the Acts and Regulations, please go to the Manitoba government's website.

Community Child Care Standards Act. 2004. Chapter c-158.
Child Care Regulations 62/86.

Part A

16(1) Every licensee shall ensure that, where infants are cared for in the licensee's child care centre, the infants are

(a) fed by the same person for at least three-quarters of their feedings at the child care centre;

(b) attended while eating or having a bottle; and

(c) held while having a bottle unless they are able to hold the bottle themselves.

16(3) Where meals or snacks are supplied by the licensee to children in attendance at the licensee's child care centre

(a) if the child care centre is a full time child care centre or a school age child care centre, the licensee shall ensure that

(i) nutritious foods in accordance with Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating issued by the Minister of Health (Canada) are served,

(ii) written menus are

(A) prepared in advance,

(B) posted in a conspicuous location for the information of parents and guardians, and

(C) kept on file for a period of one year,

(iii) only foods of low choking potential are provided, and

(iv) no foods containing known peanut products are served to children under three years of age;

(b) if the child care centre is a nursery school, the licensee shall

(i) inform parents or guardians of the snacks provided for the children, and

(ii) shall comply with subclauses (a)(iii) and (iv).

16(4) Every licensee shall ensure that

(a) if a child is in attendance during a recognized meal period, a meal is served to the child; and

(b) if a child is in attendance prior to or after a recognized meal period, a snack is served after approximately three hours of attendance.

16(5) Every licensee shall comply with all health regulations and guidelines pertaining to food storage, handling and serving.