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Note: The following excerpts from the regulations are for reference purposes only. For the most current official version of the Acts and Regulations, please go to the Saskatchewan government's website.

Child Care Act. 2000.
Child care regulations. 2001. 23(1) Subject to subsection (3), a licensee of a facility must provide meals and snacks for children attending the facility who are six months of age or older.

(2) A licensee of a facility must ensure that:

(a) subject to subsection (3), the meals and snacks provided meet the nutritional needs of the children attending the facility; and

(b) the manner in which children are fed is appropriate to their ages and levels of development.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), a licensee of a facility is not required to provide:

(a) infant formula or baby food; or

(b) meals and snacks for a child who requires a special diet or whose parent requests a special diet.

(4) A licensee of a teen student support centre or a teen student support family child care home must provide any foods, other than infant formula, required by an
infant under the age of six months.

Food services

24 A licensee of a facility must ensure that adequate and safe procedures are followed in the facility for:

(a) handling, preparation, serving and storing food; and

(b) cleansing utensils used for eating and drinking.