An appetite for life (2006). Children in Europe

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This issue of Children in Europe is about food services for young children -nurseries, kindergartens, nursery schools and primary schools.

This issue looks at how food is grown, cooked and eaten, and food as a cultural, social, educational and aesthetic experience, as well as a necessity for good health. Given the importance of food in his country, it is appropriate that the guest editor for this issue is Ferruccio Cremaschi, editor of Children in Europe's Italian partner magazine. Ferruccio brings a strong Italian flavour to the issue, with articles from Pistoia, Turin and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. But there are also articles from France, Germany, Sweden, England, and the United States, contributions from children in Belgium and Scotland, and menus from services in several countries.- Peter Moss, editor of Children in Europe

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Food for thought -Available for download with permission from Children in Europe
- Guest editor Ferruccio Cremaschi asks what meal times mean for children and
explains is priorities in planning this issue.

Overview of food -Available for download with permission from Children in Europe
- Children in Europe presents its findings on the provision of food in
children’s services across Europe.

Europe, children and food
- Ferruccio Cremaschi examines the European Union’s policy and legislation
surrounding food provision for children.

Responsible eating
- Wendell Berry, known as the ‘prophet’ of rural America, argues that everyone
should be involved in the production of food.

The pleasure of eating
- Food and eating have social and cultural meaning in the nursery schools of
Pistoia in Italy –Donatella Giovannini explains.

Mealtimes in Flemish nurseries: More than just eating
- Pedagogical reforms have transformed mealtimes in many Flemish nurseries.
Karin Eeckhout describes how this revolution has been achieved.

Children’s enjoyment of eating
- Francois Leon considers the factors that influence children’s food

Just a meal – or a lesson in life?
- Roger Prott looks at how schools and nurseries in Germany’s capital city are
tackling the country’s rising obesity rates.

Making more of midday meals at school
- Children and parents are helping nurseries and schools in French-speaking
Belgium to make lunchtime healthier, as Cristine Deliens explains.

Feeding a city’s children
- Turin is a large Italian city which has to feed 50,000 children a day. Giuseppe
Dalmasso describes how they achieve this.

Billy’s school meals diary
- A Scottish primary school pupil shares his thoughts on a week’s school meals.

Eating out
- Annica Grimlund describes how the outdoors is used as an educational tool in

Jamie’s school dinners
- Linsey Denholm describes the phenomenal success of Jamie Oliver’s school
dinner campaign in England and the pioneering Scottish initiative, 'Hungry for

Focus on… vegetable gardens in schools
- How school vegetable gardens can be a source of food, education, and fun.

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