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Reports, books & analysis

Laying the table. Recommendations for national food and nutrition guidance for early years settings in England. Report of the Advisory Panel on Food and Nutrition in Early Years (link not available)
School Food Trust, 2010

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie: Exposing the truth about nursery food
Fookes, Catherine
Source: Soil Association, 2008
>> Read more about the Soil Association's Better Nursery Food Now campaign.

Positive nutrition experiences for children in child care
Gable, S. (2007). University of Missouri.

The impact of child care providers' feeding on children's food consumption
Hughes, S., Patrick, H., Power, T. Fisher, J. Anderson, C., and Nicklas, T. (2007). Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Vol.28.

Making food healthy and safe for children, 2nd edition.
Benjamin, S. (2007). National Institute for Child Care Health Consultants.
- See chapter 6: Promoting pleasant meals and snacks and Chapter 7: Helping children and families learn about food

Preschool program guidance: Planning for meal and snack times in preschool programs
(2006). State of New Jersey Department of Education.

Mealtime memos for child care
Source: National Food Service Management Institute, University of Mississippi.
This newsletter series offers information for child care providers and focuses on good nutrition for young children. Topics include cooking, education, nutrition and role modeling. The following selection are of particular interest:
- Get going green, 2010 (Link is no longer available)
- Feeding young children in group settings, 2010 (Link is no longer available)
- Helping children develop healthy eating habits, 2009 (Link is no longer available)
- Make mealtimes happy times, 2006 (Link is no longer available)
- Family-style dining in child care, 2006 (Link is no longer available)
- Happy mealtimes for healthy kids, 2004 (Link is no longer available)
- Chatting with children at mealtimes, 2003 (Link is no longer available)
- Adults influence what children eat, 2002 (Link is no longer available)

Influential factors of caregiver behavior at mealtime: A study of 24 child-care programs
Nahikian-Nelms, M. (1997). Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Vol. 97(5).

News articles

Daycare caterer passes off meals from discount stores as organic, kosher, halal
Brazao, Dale
Source: Toronto Star, May 2011

New regulations to allow for healthy eating choices at child care facilities
Malloy, Jason
Source: Truro Daily News, 28 April 2011

Call for nursery menu guidelines to promote healthy lifestyles
Meikle, James
Source: The Guardian, 4 March 2011

Province brings Ontario produce to daycare centres
Ardizzi, Andrew
Source: Inside Toronto, 9 February 2011

Frozen fish, canned potatoes on menu at city daycares
Roberts, Rob
Source: National Post, 15 May 2008

Healthy diet for children belongs on daycare menu
Spector, Karen and Bloch, Gary
Source: Toronto Star, 9 Jan 2008


Better Daycare Food Network
A coalition of Toronto parents who would like to improve the quality of food in municipally child care centres.

School Food Trust
A British charity and specialist advisor to the British government on school meals, children's food and related skills.

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