Nothwest Territories and Nunavut

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Note: The following excerpts from the regulations are for reference purposes only. For the most current official version of the Acts and Regulations, please go to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut websites.

Child Day Care Act. 1990. Chapter c-3.
Child Day Care Standards and Regulations. Nutritional standardsNutritional standards

(1) Nutritious food from guidelines provided by a qualified nutritionist must be provided by the operator or by the child's parent or guardian, for each child attending the child day care facility.

(2) The food referred to in this section may include country food, where the operator has obtained a licence to serve country food from the department responsible for renewable resources.

28. A child under 18 months of age must be

(a) attended by an adult while eating; and

(b) given only foods of low choking potential.

29. When a child attending a child day care facility is bottle fed, an adult must hold the bottle at all times during the feeding.

30. There must be no more than

(a) three hours between meals or snacks, for children over 10 years of age; and

(b) 2½ hours between meals or snacks for children 10 years of age and under.

31. (1) Menus must be prepared and posted a week in advance in a conspicuous place in the child day care facility.

(2) Any changes to the menu for a meal must be posted before the meal is served.

32. Every operator shall comply with all health regulations and guidelines pertaining to food storage,handling and serving.

(1) Children in attendance at a child day care facility must have ready access to a pressurized drinking water supply approved by the Health Officer.

(2) Every operator shall maintain disposable or separate drinking cups in a manner acceptable to the Health Officer.