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Note: The following excerpts from the regulations are for reference purposes only. For the most current official version of the Acts and Regulations, please go to the Alberta government's website.

Social Care Facilities Licensing Act. 2000.
Child Care Regulation 180/2000.

Part II Facilities and their operation

Meals and snacks

20. A licence holder must

(a) provide or require parents to provide meals and snacks to the children, and

(b) ensure that meals and snacks provided to the children

are in accordance with Canada's Food Guide as approved by the Canadian
Council on Nutrition or in accordance with other similar guidelines, and

(ii) are provided at appropriate times and in sufficient quantities in accordance with the needs of each child.


21 A licence holder must make available to staff and parents, in a form
and manner approved by a director, information on the food to be
provided by the licence holder.

Manner of feeding

22 A licence holder must ensure that the manner in which the children are fed
is appropriate to their age and level of development.